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While a giraffe can eat from the top of the tree, we might need a ladder. In among the rungs, we might find a new story or picture waiting to be spun.

Never underestimate the small steps that have the potential to become the architectural ladders into the future. Everyone has to start somewhere. A great story began with a single letter. It might not have been an A, but it was one of the 26 if you speak English that is.

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Close you eyes and listen for the music that is soothing your soul. Can you hear it gently speaking words of encouragement? Has it picked up a pen to write a new story? Dance like no one is looking. Sing like no one is listening. Stand like today is your day. Clap for your hard work when no one else notices. While you’re here, perhaps you’ll pick up a new cup or find a great story start. Welcome… It’s one place where Granny’s Corner parks.

Life might not be perfect, but it’s not a blank slate either. Follow the journey as it unravels creating a new stitch that will become a brand new coat prepared for the new season.

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