Political Ads… What are they good for?

Hmmmm Yup… I’ve thought about it extensively. The question makes me follow the money trail in thought because there is nothing new under the sun nor can anything escape the earth in body too far away from it. Every penny spent on political ads goes to a person: For instance, the first example that comes to my mind is the radio station who employees the marketers, the designers, the hosts, the maintenance and secretaries, etc..

In the TV station, it goes to the same type of people who buy food on the run because they have deadlines to meet giving job security to the food industry. It covers the extra daycare needed as they prepare those ads. It goes to the printers for the signs that are ordered as well as the metalworkers who produced the posts, poles and wires for those signs to attach too as well. Some of those workers also Tithes or Charity organizations of one kind or another, thereby, making its way back into God’s control for an even greater good to be done elsewhere, including internationally.

Those millionaires or billionaires are sending their money to many sectors all over the country spreading the wealth about as it were. They are not just keeping it in one bank in Switzerland as they could. Those billionaires are helping out the waitresses who are handling the crowds after the rallies because people are social by design and need a place to chew the fat. They are helping those out who needed the extra supplies for the stadiums who will later prepare for another event. The workers retained there will need to restock and handle the clean-up. Those people of wealth are infact creating innumerable jobs everywhere.

To some that might not seem like much, but to the one with a paycheck, it is a miracle… There is nothing new under the sun and no money goes without being handled by hundreds of hands before it goes to the grocery store feeding the hungry. The money trail does not stop there because those jobs also have the then funded paychecks that feed others who buy the gas that takes them home to be warmed by the electricity that a political ad paid for in a roundabout way.

It kind of sounds like the Mother Goose rhyme about the House that Jack built, one of my favorites because in the end, it all goes back to the houses that Jack (or Harry, or Garry or Mary) built to feed the children that live in them so that they can go out and play the game all over again. At least that’s my fairy tale…. 🙂 of just how valuable it is to have a millionaire and a billionaire who are willing to play the game on their own dime. My family depends on the game to feed, clothe and house my game tokens who will eventually put my pieces back into the box.

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