Changing Seasons

When the site was set up, the snow was thick on the ground waiting to wake up the creative. Building foundations in the seasons of change always tug at the heartstrings opening up the nostalgia for the aging, as the thoughts of new coats of paint stared down the thirsty canvas that remained untouched. The wall, the floor, even the doors speckled with colors and textures unrivaled by summer or autumn watched the roses fade from one season into the next. Sadly, time trickled down the sidewalk and wound past the many steps that adventured in circles traveling through the dreams of new beginnings that only left their exhausted marks where youth once stood; sadly, time did not stand still. In other words, I’ve been to busy to do more than start a new thought….. as I now wait for another changing season to birth more time, where the snow covers the ground waiting to wake up the creative, I will return, thoughts in one hand and more work in the other. … . some day.

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