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As an Online ESL Coach, I am known as Teacher Verna around the world to some very amazing young people. Their faces and charm have created a solid foundation for rich story telling. As I begin to tell these stories, I hope you will pull up that favorite chair, lift up that great cup of coffee and start to imagine your life as the Greatest Story Ever Told as well. We’re all in the plot together, so lets make it a better journey for all of those we meet.

Be happy!


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We never know where the inspiration might descend or ascend from on any given adventure. What once graced a Nursery wall, can be found lurking in the memories of the Artist far away.

While a giraffe can eat from the top of the tree, we ourselves might need a ladder to reach the pinnacle of success held by our friends and family too far away for us to grasp.

In among the closer rungs from which we cling, we might also stretch our own Faith, Hopes and Dreams. In time, we might touch a new story or a new picture unfolding. There is someday the now when it is finally within our grasp having grown strong enough to come out and play a new game of seek and touch with nothing lost. Today could be that day.

A few words or maybe many….

Closed eyes can help the soul hear the music that can only be found speaking the gentle words of encouragement when no one else will.

That inner core where the mind’s eye can blink before guiding the hand to pick up the pen might need a vision correction.

The journey is different in every season. Write about that; share that; dance like no one is looking. Sing like no one is listening. Stand like today is your day with the paintbrush ready to go. Clap for your hard work when no one else notices.

But while you’re here, perhaps, you’ll pick up a new cup or find a great story start of your own to take back home. Just because it’s fun….

Welcome… It’s one place where Granny’s Corner parks.

Never underestimate the smallest steps in life that were made while tripping over the trails of tears thought brought one here. Those most fragile stumblings often have the greatest potential.

They can hardily become the architectural ladders that will reach far into the future cradling the light. Protect the light; protect the spark.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Every tale begins with a single letter, like a roaring fire from one tiny spark. It might not have been an A in college for me that lit my fire, but it was something.

My love of writing didn’t start there, but my determination to write better hinged on one professor who did not like my style. She was not wrong, but writing the story that was hidden within began before she marked it over.

No matter the tale told around any reader’s campfire, look for the beauty before the ashes are cold.

Life might not be perfect, but it’s not a blank slate either. Find your corner and defend its Peace.

Follow the journey as it unravels creating a new stitch that will become a brand new coat prepared for the new season. Joy is a chosen thing that happiness follows. Pull up a chair, the story has just begun.



Grandparents Matter

They worked. They slaved. They gave it all for those who would follow their footsteps through the ages. Attach your own Grandparent image in this customized 11 oz mug. Each one is hand pieced with love in this sublimation process. As expected some variations in the process will add to the beauty. *Inner color of the mug may be substituted dependent on availability. Each cup is microwave and dishwasher safe. Free Shipping included with it's own padded gift box.




11 oz. Coffee Mug Granny’s Corner

Everything is better at Granny's Corner spending the day in the garden chasing butterflies, picking flowers and imagining the dreams of tomorrow. *Mug is subject to inner color change based on availability. Sublimation is dishwasher and microwave safe. Shipped in gift box.


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